Hell on Earth

Lead whizzing by is the prominent sound,

as my vision is filled with collapsing corpses of familiar faces

Fire surrounds the place I called home and the innocent tears that stream out isn’t enough to extinguish scorched heaven…


Slow moving demons approach my figure and laugh hysterically…

One striking thunderously at the face that was once kissed by those motionless corpses

“Fail to pay? This is the result,” one says towering over my immovable body.

I close my eyes so I don’t have to witness my inevitable demise…but just killing is not enough…


Smack after smack, I start to lose feeling in my battered cheek.

Then the garment I was given as a present from my mother: Ripped and thrown into the flames

One after another I’m pounded deeper into a dark abyss that was once colored with humanity.

Wondrous thoughts fill up the air; thoughts of possibilities, how we wish for Cinderella’s fantasy


And not Juliet’s tragedy.


…is this what we came to be…?



*Photo Taken at Cayman Islands


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