Elements of Life

Everything begins to fade away,

Like mist after a shower from the Heavens,

And what we have created for our own pleasures,

become our worst nightmares.


Questioning everything makes your head hurt,

Because it is best to leave some things unanswered,

But even with these depressing thoughts, you still find the hope to carry on,

And climb the needle-mountain.


Regret is but a hurdle we set in front of ourselves,

For we only build our own insanity,

So are we really fighting against others, or ourselves?

Like some kind of savage cancer?


The deep pit in your heart cannot be filled by such simple means,

In which only we as humans can stretch out to.

So we begin to change our own rules and morals,

Just to believe we are powerful and valuable.


So days pass on without a second glance,

And we seem to lag behind ourselves.

But realize that we can only keep running forward,

For yesterday is history, the future is fantasy, and we live for today.

*Photo Taken in Japan


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